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Coach Rita Hurry has been a Life Coach for over 17 years and was awarded Best LOA Life Coach in 2015. She is also a certified Flow Mindset Coach, Business Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation Coach and recently certified and licensed Nirvana Fitness Instructor. She has helped a number of individuals across the globe achieve their goals and helped many overcome anxiety and their battle with lack of confidence. Coach Rita's clients including Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

Professional background

Mind, Body, Spirit - Fitness, Healing & Meditation

How I work

It is all about you with one mission - To encourage you to believe in yourself, think big and make the impossible "I'm Possible!" Each session is catered for you personally and Coach Rita adapts sessions to help you in all areas you are struggling in. Coach Rita is easy to talk to and gives you the tools and insight you need.


  • One to One Nirvana Fitness Session38 $
  • One to One Business/Life Coaching133 $
  • One to One Flow Mindset Training257 $
  • One to One Energy Healing109 $
  • One to One Meditation Coaching26 $


  • Becky

    Coach Rita Hurry has completely changed my life around in the time I've been working with her. I had zero confidence and was trying to deal with leaving a long term job and transition to making a living as an artist. Through EFT, Law of Attraction and Rita carefully guiding me through heaps of issues, I'm well on my way to achieving my goals and making my career work. I feel stronger and more authentic as a person and this definitely wouldn't have happened without her, I'm so grateful she came into my life at exactly the right time!

  • Ann B

    I had experienced several setbacks in my life & was struggling to cope emotionally. It was also beginning to affect my physical health. Rita is a very calm, approachable, and understanding person. She listens and allows you to unburden yourself in a very safe environment. She was able to help me look at things in a very different light and enabled me to move forward and look to the future in a more positive way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rita to anyone I know who might be struggling with all the things life may throw at us.

  • Shaun

    Coach Rita Hurry's coaching has no only given me direction, but purpose. Giving me a belief in what I do, Rita has given me clarity and vision to achieve what I want with my music and my songwriting, and has helped me move forward. With her pleasant manner, she is easy to talk to and she speaks a lot of sense. Sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees in life. Rita helps you get past that!

  • Leigh

    Hi Coach Rita Hurry, Just a note to let you know I really appreciate who you are and our working together. You pinpointed some areas I was feeling uncomfortable with and now I will just relax into my holiday. This isn't just today, it's each session but sometimes appreciated is felt and doesn't get verbalised. I thought I would share the warm fuzzy with you:)

  • Darren

    My sessions with Coach Rita Hurry have helped me make life-changing decisions in different areas of my life. Through her sessions, I have realised qualities in myself that I've been unable to unpack on my own. She has great listening skills and is easy to share ideas with. If you are thinking about taking steps down a new path she'll certainly guide you in the right direction. Thanks Rita.

  • Lestee

    Coach Rita Hurry is more than a life coach. She is a friend, confidant, and nurturer. She nurtures the client while coaching them. Her sessions provide me a safe space to express my darkest secrets and unspoken fears. When I divulge the undisclosed, Coach Rita carefully but systematically leads me, with a new awareness, to the desired path so that I can begin working on manifesting what I want and need in my life. The process can be slow but she is patient. We pause, laugh, and brainstorm together in our sessions. Life is not at random but rather is calculated. Coach Rita provided me with the tools to take control of my life. God exists within all of us and I am learning to tap into this divine energy within each us. She is the Guru that appeared in my life when I was ready. I am forever grateful for her vocation and choice to share her talents and gifts.

  • Louise

    Since working with Coach Rita Hurry, I have really noticed a positive change in my life. Coach Rita has helped me to focus on myself rather than everyone else around me and strengthen the connection to my inner being- which has been so enlightening. I've always struggled with being afraid and have always felt like fear ruled my life, but I have completely changed my outlook and now view life as a journey that needs to be enjoyed. Coach Rita helped me to realise that to really enjoy the life you need to face your fears, push yourself to your limit and embrace the wonderful variety life has to offer. It's been the most liberating thing I've ever done.

  • Andrew

    I work in Financial Markets and I was finding increased stress levels in the workplace which was having a negative impact on my ability to make decisions but also affecting my home life. Coach Rita Hurry not only offered guidance but "go-to" mental tools that I now use whenever I feel stress levels rising. I would highly recommend Rita as she has had a positive Impact on my life.

  • Michelle

    Coach Rita Hurry is patient, understanding and non-judgmental in her approach. I never felt there was anything I couldn't tell her for fear of being judged. Which is vital if you're going to get the best out of coaching. Rita offered practical suggestions to help reduce my anxieties, such as visualisation and meditation techniques. She helped me see everything starts with the self and ultimately it is the only thing we have control of. Problems won't miraculously disappear but by using her techniques and having her support it definitely helped me manage the situation better and minimise some of my anxieties. I would definitely recommend Rita as a life/loa coach. I felt I connected with her, she understood my feelings and was able to identify the root cause of some issues.

  • Lucy

    Coach Rita Hurry, thank you for continuing to help me to grow & develop in mind, body and soul. Your support has made me a better woman, mum and partner...thank you.


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