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Be Aware of What Goes in...

Ooh, so what do I mean by this title??

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Ooh, so what do I mean by this title??

Ladies when you are intimate with someone, please make sure you are fully aware of who you are being intimate with. 

Someone who is your ex or who does not treat you right is not the energy you want inside you.

Yes, I said it!

We are all energy beings living a human experience. Therefore, when you are intimate with another, you are involved in the exchanging of energies and energy be that good or bad can linger for a very long time, even past the time you have been together.

Wonder why you cannot seem to let go so easily once the relationship has finished or are repeating the same patterns in love? 

You have taken on the negative energy and this is lingering around and it becomes stale energy the longer you allow it to consume your life. When you move onto another too quickly and don't take the necessary time and action to clear that energy, you are just spreading it into the lives of everyone you meet and consuming more of the same back.

It becomes a vicious negative cycle.

You need to stop this!!!

It's time to respect yourself and the energy you allow to circle in your life.

It's never about just going out there to sleep with someone to get rid of the's about choosing wisely who you are intimate with and at least checking they have good energy and not the same crap you have taken in before.

Ladies, if you are serious about releasing the negative cycle of relationship patterns in your life and are ready to respect and value your future and your future relationship goal of happiness and true love then you have to bring self-awareness into the equation.

You have become aware of what is good for you and clearing that energy from past relationships is your priority. If you want to rid of this pattern, this has to be number one on your to-do list.

So ladies when you are intimate with someone be sure of their past and their future goals and as hard as it may be, the more you know about their past relationships the better, cos you don't want to be taking on the negative energy of their past or the negative energy of their previous partners do you?

If you want to clear energy toxins from your past relationships, feel free to check out my Emotional Detox programme on my website to see how I can help you.

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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