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Refocus on You

Beautiful Lady breaking up is hard to do...

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Beautiful Lady breaking up is hard to do... Yes for those of us who remember, some of these words are taken from a classic song. But they do ring true. 

Getting used to the behaviour patterns of another in your life and building a life together takes a lot of energy from yourself and when all this comes to an end and is no more, it can be so hard to change your pattern of life and re-adjust to a whole new lifestyle.

But it has to be done, divine soul.

For whatever reason your relationship didn't work, you now need to take that focus that was on another and place it all on yourself and make the necessary changes needed to help you to move forward.

It will feel strange at first, but you are an amazing gorgeous one and although you may not realise it right now, this is the time to discover it.

You will need to first let the tears flow and release the emotions. Keeping these in and throwing yourself into work for longer hours may seem like a good idea to start with, but in the long run, you are not letting go of the situation and therefore, this still lingers in your energy field, which will come back to hinder you when you are ready to start dating again.

So give yourself the time to spend quality time on yourself. Focus on yourself and what you need that you can give yourself.

When you are in a relationship you may have focused on work and your partner and then again on work and your partner and a few bits of you poked your head in once in a while. But mostly it may have been all 'being a couple' and work.

So now gorgeous's all you!

And now you get to spoil you and heal you and give you the best love that you can so, lift your energy and manifest even better than you had before.

It's time to step into those heels and strut your stuff and be the centre of attention in your life.

Work is still going strong and you are doing exceptionally well, but now you need to bring yourself back in focus and balance your lifestyle.

Release, heal and let go of those emotions that came with your ex and get back to you!

Who runs your show? YOU DO!!!

So Gorgeous divine lady...take all that energy and focus it all on you and be the amazing queen that you've got this!

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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