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Create Instead of React

Are you a Creator or a Reactor?

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Are you a Creator or a Reactor?

You are born a creator but you may have fallen into the role of reactor too many times and this can change the dynamics of your life ten-fold.

Reacting to situations and others constantly weakens your manifesting power and leaves you battling to get past situations and fighting to find solutions instead of actually doing what you are meant to do which is live!

You cannot enjoy life and move forward successfully when you are constantly fighting with the past or fears about the future. This happens as a result of reacting instead of creating. 

It's time to let go of this role and really start stepping into that creator role you are born to be.

Life is a blessing and full of opportunities to manifest the best life you chose to live. 

Manifesting doesn't have to be difficult. It wasn't meant to be. 

So how do you do this?

Well first of all you have to acknowledge where and when in your life you pull in that reactor role and how often you do it. Awareness is key.

What are the feelings and emotions that rise up within you before you start reacting? Recognise these and let these be your guide.

Our emotions are our indicators when we are moving away from manifesting what we want towards what we don't want and this needs to be your indicator to turn things around.

The emotions of reacting are based on fears and once this comes up for you, it's time to get practical and re-focus your energy towards your manifesting goals. This will help remind you that your aim is to keep your energy in a high vibration to attract the positive things in your life and be that creator you are meant to be.

So quit allowing yourself to react to life's hurdles... Step back into your creator shoes and start transforming your life in the direction of your dreams.

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