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The Importance of Letting Anger Go

Current emotions are up and down lately due to the pandemic.

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Current emotions are up and down lately due to the pandemic and many people's lack of consideration in following lockdown rules, which are currently held in some (not all) countries.

Seeing a high number of people ignore the seriousness of the situation is bound to stir up emotions and even I dislike seeing guidance being ignored which could help save lives. But when does the dislike turn to so much anger, that you become a walking talking angry grumpy person, who instead of feeling blessed and thankful for being alive and healthy, you are constantly stirring up anger within yourself and others every time you have something to say.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where others will test your patience and will ignore the warning signs, and as much as I wish they wouldn't they are there to serve their purpose. Even if you and I think it is wrong, they don't and no amount of anger and talking about it over and over again is going to change that.

It isn't healthy to hold onto anger. Instead of appreciating life, you become a person who just watches people and you pull up the most negative stories you can find to share and moan about. 

Why do you find so many stories? Because you are attracting them!

Ever heard the saying "Misery loves company" well that's exactly what happens. The Universe hears everything especially the emotions you carry and manifests more of the same....because you focus on it so much, it thinks you want to see and hear more of the same, so you do.

You attract what you focus on and anger can never lead to a healthy happy life. It always leads to something negative, because it stems from a negative place.

Anger is like having a lump of hot coal in the palm of your hand and squeezing it every time you get angry at someone or something. It ends up burning your hand! Yes your hand, not the other person's hand.

Refusing to let the anger go will eventually take its toll on you, so please stop.

Each moment of life is a blessing and therefore, it should be made the most of. It should be filled with gratitude, love, health, and peace.

Life is a gift that we have but once and this life should never be taken for granted, but respected.

So if you see wrongdoing and you are unable to do something about it, due to it being past news, acknowledge that in your eyes this is wrong, but then take your focus off the topic and turn your heart to gratitude for what you do have and what you can change. This replaces any anger or hatred that begins to build up. It is not playing ignorant. It is not letting the situation win so that you stop attracting more negativity into the world. 

Focus on what is working in the world. Get active and involved in things that you can change, like environmental issues and climate change. These are just as important as what people do in the pandemic, in fact maybe if we were more proactive in making a change in these areas and doing our part in them, the pandemic would not be at the height it is today. It's all about the air that we breathe in, and if that is toxic then this doesn't help. You can invest your energy in taking action on the small things to help this, instead of using that excess energy for anger and ruining your immune system.

I know it's hard. It's not been easy since 2020, but don't make it harder for yourself.

Learn to let's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength and respect for yourself and your loved ones around you. Who wants to be around someone who moans about everything all the time....don't be the instigator of negative the promoter of positive energy.

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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