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Will You Let it Go?

Are you still haunted by your past? Do you let your past sabotage your life?

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Are you still haunted by your past? 

Do you let your past sabotage your life?

If you answer yes to the first question but are not sure about the second question, more than likely you are allowing your past to sabotage your current life and your future.

But the sad thing that often happens here, is that you could be holding on to that painful memory because you don't want to let it go.

Yes, no matter how painful it is, you still don't want to fully release it.

It becomes the yardstick that you measure everything else in your life. You focus on everything in detail looking for the similarities to what happened in the past and when you see anything small appear, you fall into the pattern of shutting down and backing out of moving forward. You move back into that past that keeps calling you and that you keep crawling back to.

You are addicted to your past and you push away any opportunity to let it go completely. This has to stop right now. If you want any chance of happiness now and for your future, you have to stop comparing everything and everyone according to your past.

Your past is the block that you need to break into little pieces. Enough with being a slave to it and enough complaining that nothing else is good enough when something small comes up as a reminder.

If you are ready to make the change and let go of the past and stop sabotaging your future, now is that time. Don't wait until you feel ready, because you know what? You will never be ready. You have got into the habit of holding that past pain close to you as your own little baby cradled in your arms that you won't let go of.

Waiting will not serve you...taking action will.

It's the time right now to begin again and work on letting go of that pain and begin smiling again.

You deserve happiness, you deserve joy and you deserve a future filled with fulfillment and success.

So quit sabotaging yourself with the painful memories of the's time to let go.

Are you ready for that fresh start???

Contact me right now and let's chat about how I can help you do just that.

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