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Are You Still Hiding or are You Ready for Change?

Staying in the complaining zone is something that many do.

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Staying in the complaining zone is something that many do. It has become the 'comfort blanket' that many curl up in, even though they are not happy.

Are you this person?

Do you prefer to wallow and stay in an unhappy situation just so that you have something to talk about and it creates an opportunity for others to feel sorry for you and to give you their undivided attention?

You may not admit it openly but do you recognize this pattern in your own life?

When I studied Tony Robbin's 6 Human Needs, this would be one of them and would come under the human need of 'significance'.

The need to be significant to others in your life outweighs the need for personal growth. This means that you crave being significant in another's life and if you feel this is slipping away, this is when you react and begin sharing your victim story with everyone who will listen knowing they will console you over and over again.

Now having a need for significance is not a bad thing but it can be negative when it starts controlling how you behave and how long you hold on to those things that no longer serve you and keep you from avoiding moving forward to become more happier and content.

If it causes you to hide away from living a happy life, you need to change this. You deserve to enjoy life and to let go of those things that hurt you. Those that love and care for you will always be there with you no matter if you are telling them a happy story about your life or a sad one. True friends and loved ones are there through the good times and bad allow yourself to create some balance in your life and quit hiding from the life you truly want to create.

Be significant to you. Value your happiness and give yourself the gift of change and joy.

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