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Why Meditation is so important right now

During this difficult period, stress and anxiety is on the increase. How can meditation help relieve this?

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I have been practicing meditation for many years now and it was the one thing that helped me overcome anxiety and shyness and was such a lifesaver for me all those years ago. Thankfully it is still my go-to remedy even today.

Meditation is not just about taking time out and being alone with your thoughts or banishing thoughts...there is a lot more to it.

Meditation is about connection. It's about shutting out the noise of other people and the 'should's' and 'should not's' of those around you and pulling yourself back into your power and making that true connection to your life source. 

It's about opening the doors of your mind and freeing all the garbage and the negative self talk out and clearing it up once and for all and replacing it with the connection to positivity from the essence of who you truly are.

Often when we are stressed, we need a release, something that takes us away from it all and gives us the headspace to breathe. Meditation is perfect for this...if you allow yourself to do it.

You don't need to smoke, drink or get angry when stressed, you just need to close your eyes and breathe.

When you are stressed or anxious your focus is on external things that the more you think about, the more you stress about. This only worsens the effect. 

Through meditation, you enter the unknown in your mind and it clears the clutter and gives you the space to connect to the solution that you have been searching for. It enables you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and allows you to connect to the inner strength that any situation does not have control over you, but you can and have control over how it affects you.

Meditation puts you back in the driving seat of your life. It creates such a blissful feeling that no one can take away. And once you know how to tap into it, it can be your hidden power through this turbulent time. It also is a great help in boosting your immune system.

So how about giving it a go. Right now you may be suffering from some anxiety as to the uncertainty of what is happening in our society currently or you may be stressed due to financial implications and relationship issues that this situation brings with it. Meditation will help you right now release all this and replace it with calmness, clarity and inner strength.

With meditation, you don't need to have a fight in trying to control your thoughts, all you have to do is be still, close your eyes, breathe and let go.

If you need any support and guidance on how to meditate, please check out my services and book yourself in for a One to One Meditation session with myself. 


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