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Why are You So Afraid of You?

If you are struggling in life to make things happen and to pursue your life goals, you probably are afraid

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Yes, that's right... If you are struggling in life to make things happen and to pursue your life goals, you probably are afraid to really get connected within and get to know the true you and let her/him take over.

Now I know some will disagree with me here and that's ok...but no amount of mindset work, visualisation work and affirmation work, is going to get you moving forward if you insist on neglecting the inner work that needs to be done.

If you are scared to go within and clear those negative subconscious blocks that you keep holding on to, guess what? They will remain.

They are not going anywhere any time soon and they will constantly haunt you and hold you down until you face them head-on and deal with them.

You can't cover things up with positivity when internally you are carrying all this baggage. You need to lighten the load so the positive stuff can get in!

Your true essential Higher self is within you. The answer is within you. The strength is within you. All that you need to keep moving forward and make your dreams a reality is within you.

So why are you holding yourself back?

Your baggage can only be cleared by you. You have to make the decision to stop turning your back on yourself and start facing what is really going on here. 

You need you!

And you will find yourself within. 

So stop being afraid to go within. Allow yourself to clear this mess up and start afresh.

You can recite all the affirmations you want, you can change your thoughts to positive 100 times over and over again...but if it ain't going within to your subconscious because of all the ain't helping you at all.

You will feel good one moment...and down another and the cycle continues.

Stop the cycle! Claim back your life and give yourself permission to do the internal work and clear the crap to make way for the positives that's where true transformation begins.

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