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The January Blues

You start off the year with mixed emotions...

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You start off the year with mixed emotions...

First of all, there is the excitement that a new year begins and signals new beginnings and new goals that could possibly be achieved and you can't wait to get started.

Then after the New Year holiday, the reality of the regular routine kicks in and having to get up on the cold dark mornings and get ready to head to a job that pays the bills but doesn't make you happy takes over the excitement and instead you are left with tiredness that is hard to shake off and feeling de-motivated. All the new morning routines you set for yourself are beginning to lose their spark as you just feel separated from the reason why you decided to do them in the first place.

Things seemed a lot easier to take action on when you were having your breakfast at 10.30 am in your pajamas over the festive holidays, right?

Yes, you are suffering from the January Blues and it feels like the worst. I know.

So how do you get through it?

Here are some tips to ease you through it.

 1. First of all, go easy on yourself. You are not a machine and you can't be expected to be all go, go, go all the time. If you have an 'off-day' allow yourself to have an off day and don't moan about it.

2. Keep up with the new routines that you have set for yourself to help you achieve your New Year goal, but maybe think about changing the timing of when you do them if that helps. Spread them out so you are alert when you are doing them and can enjoy them and value that time.

3. Self-care in the form of taking time out can really be a boost and helps you to balance the busyness of life with the calm moments. Give yourself those Netflix moments, those reading good book moments, or a pampering moment. Whatever takes you away from having, to do, all the time is a huge reward for body, mind and spirit.

4. Keep visualizing your goals. Even for 5 mins a day, keep your eye on the prize. If you want to get out of the 9 to 5 and have the freedom to run your own business and work for yourself, you need the vision first for it to be a success. By visualizing you are continuing to feed your subconscious with images of what it thinks is your reality and by doing this regularly, it will eventually be, as your subconscious will enable you to create it.

5. This too shall pass. January may seem like a tough month but it doesn't last forever and remember February is a short month before March re-enters your life and spring begins to head your way. So smile... There is light at the of the next couple of weeks remaining.

You can get through this. Many struggles during this time but just remember your goals and dreams are worth more than a depressing month in the calendar and just think how amazing the rest of the year will be when you accomplish that goal and got over this hurdle.

You can do it! :-)

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