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Don't be Dependent Only on Crystals

So if you are a crystal lover... That is great, but don't be dependent on them. 

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I love my crystal and I do believe in the energy that crystals bring into our lives, but you should never be dependent on them to work the miracles in your life.

You have to do your part. 

The crystals are an added bonus in clearing the energy around the situation that you struggle with, but they are not the ones that need to take the action and change the mindset to achieve success.

It can be so easy to rely on this source, but you are responsible for yourself and you have to gain the self-awareness needed to make the necessary changes you need to make that will make you happier.

When you take the responsibility to grow in self-awareness and self-knowledge, you place your power not on others or things, but on yourself. This is what is called truly being empowered.

I am a great believer and an ambassador to help you become more self-aware and therefore, have the strength to tap into your own power to achieve the success you desire.

When you depend on yourself, you become a risk-taker, an action taker, an achiever.

You understand your emotions and you learn to manage them at every point. You know what needs to be done to achieve your goals and you manage fear to make it work for you, instead of the other way round.

You become the creator that you are and not the victim of circumstances. 

You become the true powerful being that you are.

So if you are a crystal lover... That is great, but don't be dependent on them. 

There is more power within you than within the crystal.

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