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Meditation & Stress

Stress has been on the rise all over the globe.

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Stress has been on the rise all over the globe, especially due to the pandemic and many losing that financial security and stability of the 'routine' of everyday living. When you are stressed, you lose all sense of clarity and productivity and become a bundle of nerves, that only weakens your immune system and as a result, leaves you feeling not only vulnerable but wide open to illness and diseases that are life-threatening. 

The body reacts negatively and aggressively to obstacles, which results in thinking that the only option for dealing with stress are - Fight/Flight/Freeze. These are not the only options. 

Never has trained the mind to manage stress become so important than right now. There is currently a pandemic of stress that must also be eliminated along with the current pandemic we all are experiencing.

Meditation is the tool to do this effectively. Meditation enables the brain to release the stress components and replace these with calmness and clarity. Together with the breathing techniques involved in meditation, this double combination is way more powerful than any fight, flight, or freeze action.

You cannot fight a problem by increasing the focus on the problem. You have to come away from the problem and give your brain the space to breathe and to pull in the solution. If you are an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Professional, you are faced with work pressures every day. This can be overwhelming most days, but building on this daily pressure day after day only increases the stress, which results in the stress hormone, Cortisol increasing in the body, which can be dangerous health-wise. Burnout, Anxiety, Depression are all results of this. 

Adopting meditation as a daily practice brings the cortisol level down to a safe level and gives you the mental clarity to get solution orientated instead of problem-focused. 

Meditation as a daily practice for all professionals enables you to empower yourself and get back on top of your life situations and manage them more easily. Whether it is personal or professional situations that are causing the stress, meditation changes your reaction to life's curveballs and enables the body, mind, and spirit to heal itself and restore balance.

If you find yourself in stress mode on regular basis, don't regard it as a 'way of life, it's time to manage it and get back your mojo through meditation.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a 30 FREE Clarity call on how meditation can help you personally.

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