Fiona West

Life coach

70 £ / session


I am a qualified Life Coach, Canine Behaviourist/ Trainer and Private Investigator, working as a Freelance/ Sole trader.

Professional background

I am a Trained Canine Behaviourist/Trainer. My focus is training via video/ live call sessions. I also have a Diploma in Life Coaching and BSc Forensic Psychology. I have assisted many individuals with: life coaching, relationship coaching and various Private Investigation assignments.

How I work

Life Coach, P I, Dog Trainer


  • Dog Training70 £
  • Private Investigation 80 £
  • Life coaching 80 £


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Private Investigation

Private investigations cover a broad area, we can assist you in the following areas: matrimonial, business, fraud and more.

Fiona West  | 12 November, 2019

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Canine Training and Behaviour

Canine behaviour/ Dog Training

Fiona West  | 12 November, 2019

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Life Coaching

Life coaching, relationship coaching, Career Coaching and all areas covered.

Fiona West  | 12 November, 2019