Athena Reich

Life Coach

50 $ / session
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I grew up in a family of psychologists so this is our family business. I have been an art therapist for over 10 years, written curriculum for the New York City Board of Education and trained dozens of teachers who work with special needs populations. I have given dozens of workshops to teachers across the greater New York area. I also work as a singer and actress, and have taught performance workshops across the continent, at colleges and various diverse populations.

Professional background

Life & Wellness Coach in IVF, LGBT, family, arts & career

How I work

Why is true empathy so hard to find? We make our best decisions when we feel understood, validated, safe and admired. Let me be the wind beneath your wings. I will listen non-judgementally to whatever is going on in your life. Together we will make a plan. I will support you and be your champion. I can help you organize your thoughts and follow through on your dreams. I have an abundance of empathy, and drive and I'm eager to share it with you.


  • 1 hour session100 $
  • 1/2 hour session50 $


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Pandemic Parenting Survival Purchase

Let’s face it. Parenting at home while trying to work is challenging. And by challenging, I mean terrible. To top it off, I am a single parent to two young kids (ages 4 and 9 months) so honestly, I don’t even want to hear complaints from those with partne

Athena Reich  | 28 April, 2020