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I created the Guidance Approach to Parenting, a program that applies conflict resolution skills to communicating more effectively with children, to help families struggling with disconnection. For over 20 years, I have taught and coached thousands of parents, educators, social workers, and medical professionals on how to be conscious in the parenting process, and how to form better relationships with children.

Professional background

Dr. Gordon’s parenting methodology, Dr. Rosenberg’s non-violent communication, Dr Gendlin's Focusing in inner dialogue

How I work

The 90 Day Parenting Reset program teaches parents how to implement a Guidance Approach to Parenting. To start, participants will gain access to a private facebook group, and a one-on-one kick off call. Each week, parents will work their way through the Guidance Approach Workbook, view educational videos, and attend a live coaching session for Q&A. Once a month, they also have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Fulkerson, our program’s paediatrician.



Busting the “bad kid” myth once and for all

Watch my TEDx talk for tips on how to communicate effectively and compassionately with your children.

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5 Ways You Can Ease Working Mom Guilt

Working mom guilt will happen. But you can work towards alleviating that guilt and see the positives of being a working mom.

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