Jenine Howry


70 $ / session


Hello! I am a PhD, Doctor of Spiritual Counseling and Practical Life Coach. I am also a Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer/ Instructor and instructor of meditative practices. My education background is in Spiritual Counseling Psychology, Metaphysics, Theology, Human Psychology, Practical Life Coaching and Clinical Counseling Psychology. I do not operate as a clinical counselor or licensed therapist. I feel it is an honor to assist my clients and consider them lifetime connections

Professional background

My approach is integrative. addressing mind, body and spirit. My techniques are balancing energy centers, meditation and breathwork, assisting in aspects of spiritual awakening, giving life guidance and talk sessions. Whereas I do not operate as a licensed clinical therapist, I am educated in that area. I use a great deal of intuition, wisdom and direction within my sessions. Clients who come to me are usually in transition, going through anxiety, depression or in need of life guidance.

How I work

Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Practical Life Coach, Holistic Pracitioner


  • Energy Balancing Assistance with Emotional Healing Insights 70 $
  • Practical Life Coaching, Transitions and Relationships110 $
  • Spiritual Guidance and Directional Counseling80 $
  • Targeted Hypnotherapy/Personalized Recordings for Change110 $
  • Guided Meditation Session for Change and Relaxation 70 $


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You Have Relationship Choices

We have choices in the types of relationships we desire to learn from. They can be easier or harder. Its your choice.

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Blessed Are Those Who Will Keep it Confidential

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