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How Inner-Work can get you a payrise?

A blog on how your inner-work can help you in get a much better salary.

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I always insist and talk on the inner-work; my Heart-led Career Change Program has a lot of inner-work. Today I want to explain how Inner-work can get you a pay rise.

If we talk about “success”, I know for many people, success is tied to how much they earn or their job title. 

My own definition for success is knowing myself and being authentic and confident that I can achieve everything I want. This belief and attitude are possible because of the inner work I’ve been doing for many years that brought me here.

Inner-work is what can help to our confidence, our self-esteem, and to our self-worth. And self-worth influences our salary on a 70% basis.

I know that now, you will think…

Joana, my boss, my company, their decisions have nothing to do with me. That’s probably true! But if you know your self-worth, you will be much more able to put specific topics and have talks when needed. 

On the other hand, you will be able to walk away when you see no more growth in the role or feel that what you bring to that company is not valued enough.

Now, at the question How Inner-Work can get you a pay rise? I will give you seven undeniable facts that can be a game-changer to get a better salary.

  • Vision – If you have a clear vision, where do you want to be in five years. What do you want to earn, and what kind of salary do you need to be happy. Then automatically, you will know if you are in the right place or not.
  • Speak up – You won’t be afraid to go to your boss and ask the questions that you need to ask. Create a plan together for you to get that pay rise, promotion, bonus, or whatever is that you want more.
  • Be proactive – When you know what you bring to the table. Your skills, your vision. You are not afraid to propose ideas, better ways to work, show your value, and get what you want.
  • Self-talk – You are aware of your self-talk. Phrases like “I am not good enough…”, ” I will never be able to get that…”, ” other people are better than me…”, ” I can’t do this…”

Remember that the person determining your value and self-worth is you, not anyone around you.

  • Perfectionism – Perfectionism is a sign of insecurity. Come from fear of failure, fear of making mistakes. With that comes the tendency to overwork ourselves and have difficulty saying no. The need to be portrayed as the perfect employer. So we tend to not speak up for ourselves.
  • Comparison – You keep comparing yourself with other team members. You get mad and jealous when they get raises or promotions. Remember that everyone has their own unique skills; what difference can you bring to the table? Be honest to yourself; do you know them? If you don’t, how others can?
  • Resigning – When you do your inner work, you will quit your job when the time comes. When the job is not serving your purpose and vision. Sometimes is no other way. Being patient won’t solve your situation; you can wait a period, but when you overstay in a job, let’s be honest! It’s fear!

These seven facts will be key to getting a pay rise or the kind of salary you want. 

Here I will give you 4 questions to journal about your self-worth:

  1. How confident do I feel asking for what I want at work?
  2. How do I feel when other colleagues get recognition for their work?
  3. How do I talk to myself in regards to my career goals?
  4. Do I have a clear vision? Am I taking the proper steps to get there?

I want to share one of my favourite quotes about this:

“It does not matter if thousand people believe in you unless you believe in you.”

~Maddy Malhotra~

If you think you need help boosting your self-esteem, your self-worth, and you are struggling to improve your career situation. I have three ways that I can help you:

On 31/1/2021, I will have a weekly email mini-course about preparing for a career change; click here to subscribe. And with that, you will receive my guide to make changes; on this guide, you can discover your values and where your blocks are in terms of change.

Book a 90 minutes brainstorming call to set an immediate action plan to assess what you need to make that career change happen. Book here.

If you are committed to making this career change and doing the inner work. Instead of freaking out and convincing yourself to stay safe but not grow, it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself. You realize you feel stuck and need someone to help you get through it. So let’s have a free vibe call! I got you!

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate.  

Let’s design your Heart-led Career Change together right now!

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