An American tourist happened to be eating lunch at an  restaurant in Paris when she recognized Pablo Picasso joining a small group of friends already seated at a neighboring table. After a short period of soul searching, she got up the nerve to approach the table, introduced herself and asked Pablo if he would be so kind as to autograph her napkin.

Picasso smiled, took the napkin from her hand, drew a picture of a small bird on it and then signed it. When finished, he looked up and the woman, clearly excited, reached down to pick it up.

Picasso pulled the napkin aside and smiled once again. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, my dear. That will be $5,000.”

The woman, taken aback, asserted that the price seemed rather high since what he had done had only taken a few seconds.

Picasso’s friends smiled and rolled their eyes at one another in anticipation of his response.

Picasso didn’t disappoint.  “No, madam. That took me 68 years.”