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Triumph of Love Over Hate

Have you ever felt the sting of a microaggression or been a target of hate?

Deandria Shaw


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Daryl Davis was targeted by haters as a child. But when he became an adult, he would dismantle their hate with forgiveness. A TEDx talk was delivered in 2017 by Daryl Davis, an African American musician. His talk was oddly titled, ”Why I as a black man attend KKK rallies" Davis interviewed countless Ku Klux Klan leaders to better understand why they hated people like him. He voracious read about racism before conducting the interviews. But the unexpected occurred when most of the leaders were gradually transformed by Davis’s earnest attempt to understand. He never adopted their beliefs, but recognized the fear and misunderstanding behind them.  Many eventually recanted their fear-based beliefs and retired their robes and hoods. Friendships were forged between Davis and many of the KKK leaders. Today, Davis and his wife invite many of the leaders to their home for dinner. So, what are we witnessing? Love is slow to anger and is of great understanding (Proverbs 14:29). Could Davis’s story be an example of a courageous search for understanding that led to radical love or forgiveness? Only God can judge the heart of a person. Not everyone is called to build that type of bridge. However, we are called to walk in love and stand for truth in our spheres of influence. The scriptures assure us God will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). This article will assert that unyielding love is the only response to hate.

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Deandria Shaw


  • 9 Publications
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The Proliferation of Hate 

The world has seen a decrease in love and the proliferation of hate. Hate can reside in anyone. And an individual or a group may become the target. Most people have heard the explosive account of Meghan Markle’s mental health crisis as she endured insufferable racism while living in the United Kingdom. But unfortunately, many were not surprised by it. Microaggressions are very insidious and are an integral part of our global society. Christians should become aware of how these occur in churches – i.e. false images of Christ (idolatry), stereotyped representations of marginalized groups, or  other sleights of hand. Individuals who are culturally marginalized or don’t fit  racial stereotypes are often targets of hate.  Few dare to speak about their experiences with microagressions for fear of a backlash. But racism should never be a taboo topic in God-fearing households, churches, or the workplace if it helps people to empathize, heal through forgiveness and repentance, and grow in love. Christians should relish the opportunity to build bridges of love where they have been torn down.


Hate thrives in spiritually impoverished subcultures. For example, when solutions to political, economic, and cultural problems are not shaped by altruism they are inherently unbalanced and sometimes drive discriminatory policies. Individuals may feel as if their voices have not been heard and their discontent may stir up social unrest. It is not wrong to stand against injustice but it must be grounded in love and truth. But  some groups fight to preserve their false identity with well-crafted narratives that are advantageous to them but pernicious to others. Christians should know their identity can only be found in Christ. Only, God’s love can bring truth to confusion and suppress the sting of hatred.


The Triumph of Love 

Some have said the vilest form of hate is cloaked as religion and sadly that same spirit crucified Christ. However, not even death could obliterate Christ’s Love. The anti-Christ spirit is also present, today. Some of these subcultures of hate falsely claim to be followers of Christ. Someone that hates and seeks to destroy others, may also have strong ties to the occult. Ask God for keen discernment and remember that “The Lord will fight for you….” (Exodus 14:14) Paul said, "For we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of the world…” (Ephesians 6:12). The Bible has many scriptures that talk about the insecurity, restlessness, and plight of the wicked. Every person who chooses to hate inevitably falls. According to the scriptures, they will suddenly fall into an irreparable calamity (Proverbs 6:15). So remain confident in God’s love and his protection. According to John 10:29, “ one can pluck you out of his hand.”


In conclusion, True believers must continue to stoke the flames of love and reflect Christ. Those that engage in campaigns of hate, are sadly spiritually destroying themselves. They are choosing hate over love, the enemy over God. The Bible warns us that we cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). Yet, the love of God can break the iciest heart if they confess their sins and accept Christ’s invitation to love.



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