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Haven’t You Heard? Self -confidence Is Your Best Bet To Grow

We all have our doubts. Confidence is seldom something you have, but rather something that you must create.

Vitin Landivar

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We all have our doubts. Confidence is seldom something you have, but rather something that you must create. An essential part of your growth as a human being is learning to develop that feeling of certainty, that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It is your best bet to grow!

As a result, you learn to take the persistent action that is required for the attainment of your goals. You grow in determination, as you think of the person that you intend to become. And you never stop trying until you have developed sufficient courage to become self-reliant on your path to success.

1- The self-confidence seed:

Life will always have challenges. But just as an apple tree takes years to grow and then gives a lifetime of fruit, so will self-confidence. Apple farmers plant seeds one day, wait for seven years, and then have an annual harvest for the next 50 years.

Inner confidence will keep you secure. Like a muscle, it will grow and develop with exercise. But if you are obsessed with avoiding failure, you will never build confidence, because tenacity grows by trial and error.

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Vitin Landivar

Life Coach

180 $ / session

  • 12 Publications
  • 157 found this helpful

Step by step, you make progress and create a sense of mastery; you stop reacting and start acting. You become more connected with yourself and develop more assurance in your abilities.

Sow the seeds of confidence in your heart and mind with thoughts, attitudes, and empowering beliefs?-?but most of all, take action! Nurture the deep-seated belief that you have what it takes to create the results you desire.

2- Courage:

When fear is the dominant force in your life, you have low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. You have probably heard this phrase many times: “Courage is not the absence of fear.” You are afraid, but you do it anyway. Kill your fears and have a clear distinction of what is real and what are the imaginations of cowardice.

Courage grows secure with confidence, and this is critical for your success. It allows you to pass over your doubts. Stop doing the things that damage your self-confidence and do the things that build rock-solid determination.

Helen Keller was an American author and lecturer that was also deaf and blind. But even with her disabilities, she had the courage to say: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

We are motivated and driven by our emotions. Love or hate. Anger or joy. Fear or faith. These invisible forces are the energy that pushes us forward or backward. Fear is a powerful human emotion, and the only thing that defeats it is faith in your unique potential.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”?-?F. D. Roosevelt.

3- Certainty:

With certainty, you can do what others cannot do. It is a firm conviction and strong confidence in your abilities. It is vital, as we cannot be effective if we operate in a state of uncertainty, doubt, and fear.

Definiteness of purpose is your pathway to power.

Belief is one of those “invisible emotions” that rules the world! We cannot imagine an uncertain General winning a war, or an uncertain businessman taking a risk. Faith and confidence, determination, and courage are the right foundation for a successful life.

Every time you break through a difficult situation, you get better at dealing with it. As you persist, you learn. The more problems you solve, the stronger you become, and the more confidence you gain.

There are different levels of confidence. You can be confident and still have fears and doubts. But certainty is the magic that allows you to do great things and perform at your peak.

4- Over-confidence:

Life has its share of surprises. If confidence is the result of your experience and the fact that you have done it before, keep in mind that things change. It is always good to question yourself and have a balance in your life.

Over-confidence can leave you blindsided.

The fact is that you can be confident even if you have never done it before, but you do have to be well informed and well prepared. Indeed, your success in the past doesn’t always translate into the success of your future.

Some people struggle. Sometimes they are confident?-?other times they are not, so they default to blaming others for their failures. Some people are naturally more fearless, while others struggle with zero confidence and have to “fake it until they make it,” but that is not a long term solution.

Confident people work hard and do not worry about failure. Instead, they check at the levels of risk, determine the downside of a project, and finds ways on how to solve it. They continuously pay attention to details; they listen to people and never forget to watch out for their weaknesses while using their strengths to maximize their efforts.

“True confidence is wisdom in disguise. Overconfidence is a foolish act.”- Vitin Landivar

5- Affirmations:

Many people practice affirmations as a way to build their self-confidence. It works by repeating a positive phrase or statement daily as if a concrete goal has been achieved.

This technique helps you to change significantly in specific areas of your life as it programs the brain to understand what is important for you and leads you to focus on the execution of your goals.

The reticular system of your brain filters what you focus on and helps you pay attention to the things that are relevant to you. That is the reason why when you want something intensely, you begin to see it everywhere, even though you hardly noticed it anywhere before. Your brain knows the outcome and looks for ways to get you there.

Affirmations are more useful when they mixed with feelings, emotions, and passion. They lift your morale and assure you. When our self-image is secure, we act with confidence.

We need to tell ourselves the right things, but then we need to act upon them. An affirmation without action or discipline, it is just the beginning of a delusion.

6- Resourcefulness

You need to work on your skills and abilities to not only have confidence but also competence. You cannot depend on confidence alone. You must develop the skills needed to succeed, learn to overcome obstacles, and find solutions to the problems you face.

Become a resourceful person, master the ability to find a way when none is apparent. Take action. The more you do something, the better you get at it. We are all equal as human beings, but in the market place, people will pay you for your contribution and the value you add by your expertise.

You see great athletes, great golfers, performers, teachers, and you wonder in awe how they became so good. The answer is always hard work. They are rewarded in public for the thousands of hours they practiced privately.
Success is only achieved by what you do.

7- Psychology

Your mental state changes as you conquer your fears. Once you overcome something difficult, you feel ready for an even more significant challenge. With faith and the right emotions, you can develop an unstoppable mindset that never gives up, no matter how hard the test, problem, or obstacle.

If something does not work, change your approach until it does. And when you succeed, confidence grows as a result because it comes from within.

Inspiration plays a part, but your psychology and state of mind are the keys. You can convince yourself with sheer determination that you are capable of. But when you add skill and ability, you become a lethal combination.

What good is a strategy if it doesn’t get implemented? And what stops you? Usually, it is low self-stem, procrastination, or laziness?-?all of which are qualities of a weak mental state.

8- Your Mind and Body

In today’s world, things can go wrong and change very quickly. But you can always adjust your attitude and bring it to a positive and confident state.

How? Sweat it out! Go for a run, dance, hit the gym, lift weights, scream if you have to. The fastest route to self-confidence is to change your physiology and correct your inner power.

You can exercise and strengthen your body to fight insecurity, fears, and low self-confidence. Determination is built not only with taking care of your mindset but your body as well.

Learn about power poses and how the way you stand affects your psychology and the way you feel. The most powerful words are the words we use internally; you can change your life by using transformational vocabulary.

In Conclusion:

To develop high self-confidence, you have to face your fears and challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. Take risks and commit yourself to progress and growth.

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.”-Charles F. Kettering

Take a pen and paper and write down all the good things you have in your life right now that earlier was just a dream. Take the time to remember how it all happened. You will find common denominators in each win.

Probably you were obsessed, took action, and executed your ideas. Or you got a bit of luck, your prayer got answered. Perhaps you just refused to quit and persevered until you got it done.

If you have done it once, you can do it again?-?and that is confidence.

Vitin Landivar

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