How to choose different business options as a musician

How to choose different business options as a musician, and focus

How to choose different business options, and focus -

The Dream & Generating Funds 


Option A: The dream, the passion: Solo Musician:

  • Compose a large portfolio of music
  • Make each recorded improvisation immediately available for purchase / streaming / video via youtube and vimeo
  • License music to companies
  • Collaborate with successful artists, starting with friends, building the network outwards.
  • To demonstrate the beauty of the instrument and how easy it can be to express yourself with it.
  • Enable as many people as possible to hear the music and enjoy it.


Option B: The company to generate funds more imediately: Online teaching platform

  • Connect with musicians around the world and improve their skills to write the best music they can (empower them)
  • Change to hi-end paying pupils
  • Offer live online lessons to groups of people
  • Record online lessons and create a course for sale
  • Expand your knowledge, level and range of abilities



  • Advertise on tutoring websites with high end hourly rates
  • Create pre recorded course
  • Do 2nd live course and develop platform for regular courses
  • Create packages of lessons: gold, silver, bronze which show as clear attractive options on a landing page
  • Podcasts - e.g. learn music theory whilst driving/waiting for the bus/on a train


Divide your week into how much spare time you have, choose 1 (if you already have an income stream), or both of these options, and allocate hours accordingly.

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