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    I am a highly proactive Senior Investment Professional (20 years’ experience) with proven knowledge in fundamental analysis, macroeconomics and technical analysis. Great expertise in commun...

    how the market works
    portfolio planning
    why to invest
    capital markets
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    You can’t make a living from floating profits, you can’t plan a pension on unrealized gains. This is second, rare chance.

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    As a life purpose & ascension coach, I help to find the true inner self & add more meaning to your days in order to make powerful positive changes in life ahead. * Getting clarity on purp...

    self help
    self improvement
    Life purpose
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    Coach Rita Hurry has been a Life Coach for over 17 years and was awarded Best LOA Life Coach in 2015. She is also a certified Flow Mindset Coach, Business Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation ...

    energy healing
    law of attraction
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    Connect To Happiness

    Happiness is the number one ingredient to living a fulfilled life. But do you focus enough on bringing it into each day?

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    I'm Eljeana Lee, I am a Trauma Coach and Life Empaths I to am also, Empath and I can relate to the challenges that Empaths, those that are intuitive encounter on their Journey. I have 37...

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    With over 15 years experience in life coaching Tarryn uses her coaching experience, personal experience, studies and intuition to help her clients attain their goals. She is kind, compassio...

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    life coaching
    relationship coaching
    financial coaching
    relationship c...
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    Finding Inner Peace

    It takes time to cultivate a mind which is free from the weeds of injurious thoughts; criticism, judgement, obligations, fear and guilt. But if peace of mind and joy is what you are ultimately striving for, then it doesn't matter how long it takes - for t

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    I am a passionate and enthusiastic person who loves to see others increase in their knowledge. It's a joy to see young people who struggle with maths come to understand and love the subjec...

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    My name is Jasmine Hall, owner of Living Lovelii services. My area of expertise in business as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships will help improve your life. As a child,...

    love coach
    life coach
    relationship coach
    business coach
    beauty coach
    life insur...
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    I am 50 years old, living in South Lakes in the UK. I spend a lot of time cycling, climbing, swimming and bouldering. It has been and continues to be a joy and a privilege bringing up m...

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    Hello, my name is Megan. I have been in the self development industry for over a decade now and have many tools, tips, and tricks i've learned along the way to truly live a happy life. I h...

    self love coaching
    Life coach
    Self development
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    I absolutely love teaching! The look of joy and amazement when a tutee understands something or makes a breakthrough in their understanding is priceless. Having been a qualified teacher ...

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    So excited to meet you! I’m a wife, mama, friend, sister and daughter. I’ve been coaching and mentoring for 18 years and I’m so looking forward to chatting!

    women’s life coach
    certified life coach
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    Psychotherapist • Couple Therapist and Relationship Coach • Business Coach • Body therapist • Integral Human Design Coach and Trainer • born 1959 in Vienna • married • father of three child...

    Couples Therapy
    Business Coaching
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    I have BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Studies, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Secondary Maths and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I teach Maths on the following: SATs, KS3...