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The truth about online tutoring.

See how it can benefit students of all ages.

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Jemma Zoe Smith is the Director of the Education Hotel. She holds 3 degrees from Oxford University and is a qualified Teacher who also has 8 years of experience with online tutoring. She has also worked with students from different countries. 

She continues to provide online tutoring to students between the ages of 9 and 18. Jemma considers herself as an Exam Tutor. Her core subjects are Math and Science. 

What makes Jemma a great Online Tutor is the fact that she uses fun games in her sessions. Moreover, she helps with motivating students who have lost interest in their studies and learning to get back on track and to get them enjoying it. 

During this period, in which the COVID-19 is at large, Jemma is dedicated to helping students to keep up with their studies so that they don't fall behind. She also strives to help them keep up the good grades during this dark period. 

Her tutoring sessions are also tailored to meet each and every student’s needs. She identifies what's holding them back and she works toward helping them to reach their full potential. 

What is tutoring? 

Tutoring is done for a variety of reasons such as to help students who are struggling with a particular subject. It also keeps them motivated and to prevent them from falling behind on their learning. 

For children, Tutors also use fun methods of teaching and games in their sessions to encourage them to learn and enjoy it. These games not only help them with their learning but it also strengthens their memory. 

For older students, tutoring can help to give them direction in which careers to choose. It can also help them to select a suitable university. Tutors also help to prepare them for exams and to help them enter top universities. 

Some benefits of online tutoring: 

  • Individual attention during sessions;
  • Students don't feel shy to ask their Tutor questions;
  • Tutors identify their students weakest points and help them to work on it accordingly; 
  • Assistance in subjects that they are struggling with;
  • Online tutoring is convenient and students can access their Tutors whenever they need to;
  • Students can do sessions from the comfort of their homes - making it a relaxed environment;
  • Tutors provide their students with the best learning and studying strategies to help them thrive. 

Jemma is also an active publisher on WikiExpert. These articles explain to parents the common myths about tutoring. She also discusses how to keep ahead with learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read some of her articles that cover these topics: 

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You can view Jemma Zoe Smith's profile, read all her articles and message her for free to book a session!

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