The key in how to be a good enough Tutor is to be a Tutor to the BEST of your abilities.  You have to do research on what tutoring is if you dont fully know, do research on the subject areas you are tutoring if you need more info, prepare yourself for the task, be nice, be polite, be a keen listener, be focus and attentive to what the student is doing and saying show the student how to do the task, teach well, be precise, be helpful, be caring and understanding, be knowledgeable of what you are tutoring, have wisdom and understanding in what you are tutoring, ask them questions to see if they are attentive, slowly talk if needed, be repetitive if needed, allow the student to do a task on their own or quiz them, ask the student questions after your finish on what you have tutored to see if they're learning, after you finish tutoring, do YOUR BEST to help the person you are tutoring, make sure they are learning/understanding/gaining wisdom/knowledgeable about what you are tutoring after you're finished. These ways will help you to tutor well and be one of the best Tutors.