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I am the Director of the Education Hotel, which offers tuition to students completing UK qualifications or thinking about attending UK schools/universities. I hold 3 degrees from Oxford University, have previously worked as a tutor for 8 years, tutoring worldwide and am a qualified teacher. I also helped start a residential study centre in Oxford. I consult for families looking for a U.K. school or university as well as tutoring myself.

Professional background

Director of the Education Hotel, PGCE, MSC, BSc, Oxon

How I work

My experience and qualifications help families to feel secure in their choice of tuition agency. I also offer tuition. I am a fully qualified U.K. teacher, have 8 years experience in tuition and have previously worked as a tutor for 7 years, tutoring in Dubai, California, Hawaii, Italy, France, Kenya Beijing, Shanghai and Turkey.


  • Education Assessments - 1hr130 $
  • Tuition71 $
  • Education Consultancy - 1hr130 $


  • Anonymous1

    Jemma helped my son to pass his entrance exams for St Edward's School sixth form in Oxford, tutoring him in Maths and the three sciences, both over Skype and in person. Jemma quickly established the gaps in my son's knowledge due to different exam boards etc, and taught him how to answer questions to gain the maximum marks. Initially reticent about having a tutor, my son instantly warmed to Jemma, and was thoroughly impressed with her style of tutoring and seemingly endless abundance of knowledge across all sciences and maths. She also gave him the confidence to succeed and to aim higher, and I hope he will take that work ethic with him to St Edward's. I wholeheartedly recommend Jemma to anyone looking for a first-rate tutor.

  • Anonymous2

    Jemma has been amazing at supporting my 15 year old daughter with maths and science. She can simplify even the most complicated topics and explain in a way that makes sense. She has been brilliant at helping her plan and organise for GCSEs and tackle tricky 16+ style questions building her confidence hugely.

  • Anonymous3

    The Education Hotel has consistently excellent tutors for all school levels. They have helped my children in a range of subjects from primary school age right up until A levels.Jemma listens to the needs of a child and finds the right solution. I thoroughly recommend them.


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