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Five Tuition Myths

Tuition has always been seen as an add on extra, something whispered about by parents at school gates...

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Tuition has always been seen as an add on extra, something whispered about by parents at school gates to push students up a grade. But tuition is changing. Whilst still an under regulated industry, tuition is becoming more mainstream and less secretive. See out top 5 tuition myths below.

1. All Tutors Are The Same

Many parents sit down to find a tutor and discover pages upon pages of agencies offering tuition services. How can you tell the difference? Tutors have different specialisms, educational backgrounds, level of focus and level of experience.

It’s important to pair the right tutor with the highest level of knowledge and understanding to the right family.

2. Tutors Are For ‘Dumb’ People

Some tutors offer remedial work, others focus on high potential students. There is no one one size fits all when it comes to tuition. Even the highest achiever needs tuition to help fill the gaps. A competent tutor meets with every student to assess them. That ideal tutor will work with your child; to support, to stretch and challenge, or to improve confidence.

3. Tutors Only Come To Your Home

Not always! Some tutors teach online. Maybe your child boards? Or has a lot of extra curricular activities? If so then it may be that online tuition is better for you.

Other tutors can go on holiday with you and some will meet you at a convenient location. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your experience to your family’s lifestyle.

4. Schools Don’t Like Tutors

Many schools recommend getting tuition if students are struggling in a certain subject. It’s not unknown for tutors to liaise with schools if they think that a certain student needs more support in one area – working together with schools as a partnership. Many tutors have also been teachers in schools and know that teaching a whole call of students is very different to the 1-1 attention that private tuition brings.

School teaching allows a student to participate in group discussions and produce projects with their peers. In contrast, tuition allows a student to move at their own pace, to ask questions and to practice their areas of weakness. Both contribute to learning.

5. My Son/Daughter Goes To School, Surely That’s Enough To Pass Their Exams?

Often simply passing isn’t enough. A well rounded education allows students to push themselves and succeed. At school your child may watch a video or do questions in a textbook, but sometimes children need a tutor to introduce innovative ways to help grasp the concepts they struggled with at school.

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