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Read through the most helpful COVID-19 articles of 2020!

See how you can cope with the pandemic.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many were left feeling fearful, stressed and anxious. Therefore, our Experts published articles on how to overcome these negative emotions and how to use your time productively. See our top COVID-19 articles that many found helpful. 



A detailed description of my view on COVID-19 as a free speech citizen. Without means to argue just a question on the subject.

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How to cope with the passing of your loved one during COVID-19.

Women grieving

COVID 19 can delay the grieving process of your loved one that passed on. Below some tips on how to cope with it.

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Co-parenting during COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus outbreak

Let’s dig into what the coronavirus is and what you can do to minimize or erase the effect of its impact on your co-parenting.

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Social isolation due to the COVID-19.

social isolation

The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted people in varying ways on an international scale. 

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Feeling free during lockdown.

Feeling free

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown can feel so restrictive. But can you feel free during this time?

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How to keep your career on track during COVID-19.

Man wearing a mask

Tips you can use to ensure that you keep your career on track and make progress during COVID-19.

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Release fear and feel peace now.

Woman meditating

I know the world is under stress and fear at the moment, so I created this article and meditation to bring peace to all.

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How to raise your energy and manage the lockdown.


Let's keep us emotionally safe! What can we do during this lockdown? This is my list…

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The effects of COVID-19 on mental health.

Man feeling free

More than half of Canadians reported a worsening of their mental health due to the COVID-19 pandemic in a recent poll.

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Corona special.

Person wearing a mask

How does the pandemic affect you mentally? Find it out on here…

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Jobs lost or jobs transformed?

Jobs lost or transformed?

Are the jobs getting lost or are they being transformed? Read the article to know more!

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