Corona or Coronic?


We all are facing a global crisis, Corona! It's not just physically effecting, it's becoming a MENTAL health issue too...

What should be done?


Most of the times it's not your disease that treats you more badly, it's your panic hormones racing inside you. You just hear it that you have it, the stress and Panic switch turns on! "Oh my! I have it. Will I die, soon? What Will happen?" Or " If I caught it? What then?"


WANT to Control it?

For instance,"if you have caught it"... Will you just sit there and wait for medicines to work for you? It's not just this virus, any disease won't get cured until you have WIll Power to fight it. Even medicines respond more when you decide to fight back!
Then there's, "if i caught it"... You Haven't! Feel blessed and say thankyou for your healthy life.
And, overall... In such hard times, seek for your joy. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Time is giving a chance... A chance to improve on many things that could have been done in a better way. Make them better and lay off the burden of your wrong doings.

It's not the end...

Nothing ends...until God wills.


Many people die not because of the disease, it's Because of how their mental abilities react to it.
TAKE really good CARE of your MENTAL HEALTH, its difficult to do that in such situations... But, this is the only way to get through it! Infact, the most important thing to do in times of facing bad health.
It's a sad part of life... But, don't let it's sadness make you feel more unhealthy! Fight it well!

May God keep us safe in such situations. And may He give health to those fighting not only this virus, but also the other viruses and diseases that exist in the world.