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Improve your mental and physical wellbeing through meditation.

Learn about the best practices.

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You might have heard about meditation and the incredible benefits it has to offer! If you haven't tried it already, then now is the time. 

According to thousands of studies conducted, meditation has proven to have a number of both physical and psychological benefits. Even celebrities use meditation as a form of relaxation. Just to name a few, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Eva Mendez. 

Meditation is also becoming a popular method of relaxation that calms the mind and body. People who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia are also finding meditation to be quite helpful and useful. 

It is also better to have an Expert by your side showing you the best practices and how to do it properly so that you can experience it at its best. 

What is online meditation coaching?

Having guided meditation with an Expert makes it easier because he will show you the best practices and how to go about it. 

Depending on your situation, a Coach will also determine the best meditation exercise for you and you'll also get the opportunity to express yourself to the Expert. 

Whether you're stressed because you have a busy schedule, or going through a rough patch, suffering from depression or anxiety, the Coach will guide you through this. It is also beneficial for busy moms, executives and leaders who need some time to unwind. 

Moreover, they will also provide you with advice and you'll be able to speak about your feelings in a non-judgemental environment. Most of the time, Meditation Coaches are also trained Life Coaches who can help you to solve many problems in your life. 

Some benefits of online meditation coaching:

  • Control your anger;
  • Ease anxiety;
  • Ace your de-stressing skills;
  • Reduce negative thoughts and emotions;
  • Improve your concentration and memory;
  • Gain confidence and boost your self-esteem;
  • Build emotional stability which will improve your relationships;
  • Increase your creativity;
  • Overcome your fears;
  • Boost your cardiovascular health and immunity;
  • Get peace of mind.

Top Online Meditation Coaches.

WikiExpert has a variety of Meditation and Mindfulness Coaches that are knowledgeable about the best meditation practices. If you are faced with any other issues in your life, they can also help you to solve it. Check their profiles and connect with them via WikiExpert in a secure and private environment: 

Megan McCarthy.

Megan has been working in the self-development industry for over a decade now and has many tools, tips, and tricks. She can also help you to lead a happy lifestyle through her techniques. 

In addition to being a Meditation Coach who is dedicated to helping Clients to relax and find inner happiness, she is also a certified Life Coach. Megan specializes in self-love and happiness for parents and individuals. 

Megan has also published some helpful articles on WikiExpert. In her articles, you can learn how to find peace, overcome fear and how to let go of negativity. She dives into detail on these and she explains how guided meditation can help you in so many ways!

View Megan McCarthy's profile

Shivani Patel.

Apart from being a Meditation Expert, she also works as a Life Purpose and Ascension Coach. She is dedicated to helping people with finding happiness, inner peace, fulfillment and satisfaction through her online sessions. 

Shivani leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping you to find clarity, moving forward and self-discovery.

She is also an active publisher on WikiExpert and has published many helpful articles! You will find out more about how meditation can help with mental health, how to overcome your fears and strategies for this. She also gives tips on how to unlock inner peace and happiness. 

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Rita Hurry.

Coach Rita Hurry has been a Life Coach for over 17 years and was awarded Best LOA Life Coach in 2015. She is also a certified Flow Mindset Coach, Energy Healer, and Meditation Coach. 

She is easy to talk to and for those who are suffering from anxiety, you can overcome it through her meditation sessions. Rita will also provide you with all the tools you need to overcome stress and lead a happier life. 

She is also an active publisher on WikiExpert and has published many articles! You will get motivation through her articles, learn how meditation can help you during the COVID-19 pandemic and how having a Flow Mindset can benefit you.

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