Megan McCarthy

Life Coach

150 $ / session
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Hello, my name is Megan. I have been in the self development industry for over a decade now and have many tools, tips, and tricks i've learned along the way to truly live a happy life. I have been through many things in my life and have managed in the midst of it to find the little joys, and make it through with a smile. But what I have also learned is how important it is to also acknowledge that its ok to be in a low place because when you get to the highs they feel that much sweeter.

Professional background

Certified life coach specializing in Self-love and happiness for parents and individuals

How I work

I like to do sessions over the phone or if you prefer to video chat, I have Skype available as well. We work our way to getting to know one another initially and then dive deeper.



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Release fear and feel peace now

I know the world is under stress and fear at the moment, so I created this article and meditation to bring peace to all.

Megan McCarthy   | 25 March, 2020

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Self-care tips for parents

Self-love to me is taking care of yourself first by soothing yourself in ways that fill your cup then show up.

Megan McCarthy   | 23 February, 2020

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How to let go and receive

The true feeling of allowing things to flow is learning how to let go.

Megan McCarthy   | 9 December, 2019