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I'm a counsellor and teacher. Love working with people. I am easy to get along with. Love working for the Lord. I help where I can. Believe in building trust relationships. Believe in confidentiality. Love explaining the Bible. Teaching people

Professional background

Bachelor's in Biblical studies

How I work

I do counselling and teachings and also help with assignments. I first do an assessment via WhatsApp or email or video call. Then will book sessions according to assessment made and schedule a convenient time with client. Contact me to see if you qualify for free sessions. Only five free spots. And only pay a registration fee of $30.



Dark Night of the Soul

Where are you in your Spiritual Development?

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Best locations to start your spiritual journey.

Where would you start with your Spiritual journey? It is a Life long journey. You have many benefits. You should embrace it

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My Story , where is God? disability and anger against God.

What people go through in life. Amputations, to cope with. Are you angry with God about circumstances?

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The Untold Story of Christmas

Is Christmas a pagan or Christian holiday? Where did it come from? How is it celebrated? How are you celebrating it ?

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Why, Lord, Why?

When things go wrong in our life, we start questioning God, we blame him. We start doubting, His existence. We want answers.

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