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Why, Lord, Why?

When things go wrong in our life, we start questioning God, we blame him. We start doubting, His existence. We want answers.

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When everything is well with us, then everything is fine, we have no complaints, we are the “happy chappies”, but boy-oh-boy, when we reach the opposite, then we go in such a despair, that we will never get out of it, or so we think. Everything starts to go wrong in our life.  there are problems in our relationships, family life, disaster struct me, I became sick, I had amputations in my life, everything goes wrong, etc. Then we ask, “where is God?” or we blame Him for everything, we sometimes start to doubt God’s existence, I am not sure if people are atheists, who they blame? But, nevertheless, we ask different question, depends on our circumstances. 
Let me first tell you my story, for a better understanding. First of all, I am a diabetic, and in 2013, I had my first left big toe amputated. That was my first amputation, then in 2015, half my left foot was amputated. This is where I started to question God’s existence. I became a bitter person, and had a negative outlook, asking God all the why’s, I told Him if this is how He shows His love for me, then I don’t want to know Him. I blamed God, because why is He allowing this to me. I was angry and hostile towards God. 
If we go deeper theologically, we don’t even dare asking these questions, because God created us, we are His, can He not do as He pleases? and through this, He might be glorified. What if you are not a religious person?
Back to my story. One day God revealed to me, that He wants to use me as a witness for Him, through my amputations, I will testify what He did in my life. There was a plan, God had in my life, my amputations will be used for His glory. Then not long after that in 2016, I had another amputation, an under-knee amputation, just above my ankle. And my attitude was positive, and with this amputation, I said “praise the Lord, because my testimony will now, even be bigger. And if you think my amputations stopped, it did not, my last amputation was above my right knee in 2019. So, this is my story in short. One of my stories, but applicable for this article.
Talking to the religious person, this is where you must either start a better relationship with God, or deepen your relationship with God. When bad things happen, we must not ask, why it is happening? We must rather ask, what does God want me to do with this situation in my life. we must not look at the problem, because usually that is our problem, we stare ourselves blind against the problem. We must look behind it, analyzing it, and I know it is difficult to look at it from your side in a positive manner. That is why I am there to guide you through this. Ok, I know many of you might say, that nobody can help you, nothing will change, many negative words, which are understandable. BUT it can change, there is hope. God is there for a reason, He has a plan, there is a way out. You do not have to sit in despair, stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop that “pity party”. I know it sounds hard, but stretch out your hand and take the helping hand offered to you. You don't need to go through this alone.


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