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In coaching projects I help passionate senior leaders, business owners. It is my expertise to help you develop and grow faster and better. It is my passion to get you moving mentally, emotionally and physically. I help you as a leader, entrepreneur, business manager - in transition - to view problems from a different angle and to take steps so that you can optimally use your leadership capacities . With this I make a personal contribution to your development.

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Professional Senior Business Executive & Leadership Coach

How I work

Together we discover what you need to build a business, in accordance with your values ​​and expectations. We determine the most important steps. With renewed joy, self-confidence and satisfaction and a better work-leader-life balance you create new perspectives for yourself, the company, the employees and your private live. Entrepreneurs who really love their job but encounter themselves in their enthusiasm and growing pains of the company are happier when being coached.



The value of “Core Values” in your company

Once your core values ??are clear to business leaders and employees, these core values ??do not change a lot.

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6 Ways a Senior Coach Can Make You More Successful

If you follow a coaching as a customer, you can expect to experience the following benefits!

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3 Tips for Great Leaders: Ask for Feedback

A good leader needs input from his team. Make it easy to ask your team about this and to respond correctly to that feedback.

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6 Questions for a Great Leader

A good leader succeeds in having a motivated team come to the solution of a problem together. Yet there is no single leadership style that works for everyone. Fortunately, there are 6 questions you can ask yourself to find out your leadership style.

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