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The value of “Core Values” in your company

Once your core values ??are clear to business leaders and employees, these core values ??do not change a lot.

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Assume your core value is "Respect". You see a team member talking inappropriately to a customer, even though you had already spoken to him about it. What do you feel then? What is happening in your head and in your body?
You take a breath. You are flexible and talk about it again. But the behavior does not change. What goes through you then? Do you want to keep this team member, send him to training, coaching or does he end up on the "maybe-eventually-to-be-fired-list"?

Time to take a look at the impact of core values ??in your company.

What are Values?
A standard sociological definition of values ??is: ".. central measures by which one assesses one's own behavior and that of others". (Van Doorn and Lammers, 1976: 119). It is about matters that people find collectively good and right, that they want, and that they strive for. Values ??are thus moral goals or ideals that people pursue, value and motivate. Values ??have an emotional charge: "that's what people go for". Some examples: honesty, respect, loyalty, reliability, commitment, love, courage and justice.
A company usually has three to six core values.

1. Core values ??in your company are the basis of your corporate culture.
Core values ??determine how you deal with employees, customers and complaints. Who gets hired, how are trained and promoted, and in some cases fired? Core values ??are expressed in the behaviors you see in your company every day. They are an important foundation for the success of your business.

2. Examples of core values
The customer comes first
Speed ??and innovation
We always keep promises
A culture of warmth and solidarity where everyone is welcome
Take responsibility

3. Core values ??with regard to
a.the own way of doing things
b. the stakeholders
i. the customers and suppliers
ii. the employees
iii. the shareholders
iv. The society

4. Core values ??are not violated
You are allergic to violations of core values. It doesn't feel right to allow violations of core values. When you see someone ignore a value, you can feel your hair standing up on your neck.
Team members know that core values ??are important and should not be ignored. But is everyone also familiar with the different "forms of behavior" that fit a core value? By this I mean that "respect" for one team member can have a different meaning than "respect" for another employee. For example, if my client indicates 'authenticity' as a value in a coaching conversation, I always keep asking questions. What does that really mean to you? What behavior do you notice that "authenticity" is allowed? How do you notice that "authenticity" is not being respected?

5. You hope that your grandchildren's business still stands behind your core values
Once your core values ??are clear to business leaders and employees, these core values ??do not change. Depending on the style and emotional intelligence of the manager, more or less attention will be paid to it, but in essence these values ??remain important over the years.

I hope the list of core values ??may inspire you to take a closer look at your own company values. And let's hope that your company, your children and grandchildren will still be behind it in a hundred years.

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