Mar 18, 2020 in Health Coaching

Building Your Immune System to combat Coronavirus

With this current health scare situation at the moment, we need to be focused on building a strong immune system.

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Your immune system plays a vital role in helping you stay strong and healthy during this Coronavirus epidemic. But how do you do that?

Here are some guidelines that can help you build a stronger immune system.

1. Your thoughts are way more powerful than you think. Yes, they are and our immune system is built upon that mind, body and spirit connection. Therefore, what you think and focus on, you start to attract and you begin to manifest within your body. Focus on building health and you will start on the journey to being healthy. Focus on the signs of an illness creeping in and this will escalate. Now I am not saying ignore any symptoms, but staying focused on looking out for the symptoms and constantly listening to everything about the epidemic or any other disease will consume your mind. When your mind is consumed with this, the body reacts to this and starts to shut down, because it is negative and fear-based energy creeping into the body. So step one is to take your focus off ill health and tap into the feeling of good health and what helps your body to stay healthy. Affirmations are a great resource for this. Repeating the affirmation "I am healthy" several times, can do wonders for your immune system when you are feeling a little run down. Sounds crazy, but it does work, trust me.

2. The Power of Breathing. Yes, something as simple as deep breathing can take a weakened immune system and make it strong enough to fight off possible infection and life-threatening diseases.  When you take slow deep breaths you are not only building up oxygen in the body, but you are also sending oxygen to the brain and to your cells, which helps them repair and re-energise and do the work that they are supposed to be doing, which is fighting off any possible threats to the body. Cancer develops due to lack of oxygen to particular cells, which would be used to fight it off and keep it away from harming the body. Therefore, slow deep breathing is one of the easiest and safest methods to do this and help your immune system do the job it is supposed to do, which is keeping you healthy. So try this little exercise daily - Take a slow deep breath in for 4 counts and a very slow deep breath out for 4 counts and repeat. If you can do this through diaphragm breathing (or belly breath as some people call it) this would enhance the technique. This involves expanding the stomach as you breathe in and pulling the stomach muscles in as you breathe out. By the way, this not only strengthens your immune system, but also tones and strengthens your core muscles in the process. See how many benefits are gained from this simple act of breathing? And I haven't even gone through all of them!

3. Regular Exercise and Eating Healthy. Ensuring you are getting at least 3 days of exercise into your week is so important. This could be from following extensive workout programmes to taking a walk on a regular basis or going for a swim or playing a sport. Whatever you can do that keeps the body moving and the heart rate increased for at least 30 mins during the exercise, has great repercussions on your respiratory system (which is a crucial factor when it comes to Coronavirus as it is a respiratory illness). Also, make sure you are eating a balanced diet of Carbs, Protein, Healthy Fats and minerals, which is natural and as much plant-based foods as you can. Now I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I do believe that eating meat has to be kept to a minimum. Having days or possibly a week where you choose a meat-free diet can work wonders on your health. Eating too much meat can make you tired and this is not good. Although, yes its a great source of protein, choosing plant-based protein is a great option to keep the energy levels up. This is what you want to achieve.

4. Drink Plenty of Water. Water is the other component of breathing. As with breath, so does water bring oxygen to the brain. Our body is made up of over 70% of water, so of course, it is important to ensure you are drinking enough water to replenish what is needed in the body. Sweating can release salt and water from the body, so if you are anxious, fearful or stressed, you do find that you tend to release sweat more easily out of the body as your temperature rises when you are anxious. If this is not replenished, this can have a negative effect on your immune system and your thought pattern will be dazed and unfocused. So ensure that you are always drinking water constantly on a daily basis to stay healthy, hydrated and active.

5. Get a good night's sleep. The body is not built to constantly be awake and thinking about things. The body needs a time out so the cells can rejuvenate and do the work on building the immune system while you sleep. If you are not doing this, how can the body do what its supposed to do whilst you sleep? There is so much going on in your body than you know. Your body was not built to be weak. It was built to be strong and ready to take care of you every single day. So don't get in the way of the work that it needs to complete. Let it keep you healthy and take the rest that you need to re-energise yourself and gain the focus you need to start each new day with good health. If you suffer from lack of sleep, you might need to try meditation. This is another great method to help you not only combat insomnia, but also helps build your immune system and is great as an all-rounder for body, mind, and spirit. Please feel free to book a One to One session with me for some Meditation Coaching.

If you can implement all of the above into your daily life, you can and you will begin to start building your immune system and create a life of health, wellbeing, and energy throughout this epidemic and beyond.

Stay focused on building that immune system and on health and you will get through this.



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