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How to avoid getting fired.

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Let's face it, no one enjoys getting fired. In this article, we share career tips so that you can avoid this situation.

Especially in today's times and with the impact of the pandemic, we need to cling to our jobs and nurture them. The unemployment rate is increasing and the job market has become more competitive. Which makes it even harder for job seekers to get hired. 

If you suspect that you're on the verge of losing your job, not all hope is lost. You can still rectify yourself and keep your job. So, if you think this might be happening to you, you'll need to act fast, improve your work ethic and prove yourself. 

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Signs that you're on the verge of losing your job and getting fired

Here are some signs to look out for that are a warning that you might lose your job:

Signs you're on the verge of getting fired

You've received several warnings

Whether it was a written or verbal warning, you need to take this seriously. Especially, if there has been more than one. 

Getting critical feedback often

Are you no longer getting positive feedback? Is your employer, manager, or supervisor constantly giving you negative comments on your performance? This is another sign. In the event, you should ask for detailed feedback and speak with them on how you can improve and fix it. 

Fewer tasks are assigned to you

If you were once super busy at work and now it seems like there is almost nothing for you to do. It could be another sign. You can ask the person in charge why your workload has reduced and take it from there. 

A colleague or new employee is doing your work

Due to a heavy workload or to be more efficient, you might have a colleague or new member helping you with tasks, this is completely fine. However, when the other colleague is doing all of your work, leaving you with nothing, it's an issue.

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You're left out of meetings and important decisions

If you were once part of all important meetings and decisions that need to be made in the company and it has suddenly come to a stop, then it’s another sign. 

Your relationship with your boss has changed

Noticed that your boss has been acting differently or more cold towards you lately? It seems as though your relationship with him has changed? This is another sign. 

Tips on how to avoid getting fired

How to avoid getting fired

Be punctual

No employer or manager appreciates having an employee that’s constantly late for work. It is also highly unprofessional. Leave early for work or if you work remotely, set an alarm clock for when you need to start working. 

Don't gossip at work

It might be tempting to enjoy good gossip at work with your colleagues. However, avoid all costs! It is wrong and you wouldn't like it if others were gossiping about you. Apart from this, it is also highly unprofessional!

Own up to your mistakes

We are all human and we all make mistakes. Whether you do it once, twice, or more, you still need to own up to it. Your employer will also appreciate that you take responsibility for your mistakes. 

Show interest at work

No employer wants to keep and pay an employee that shows absolutely no interest in their work or the company. Get involved, bring ideas to the table, provide suggestions, etc. Do anything that will show you have the company's best interests at heart. 

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Don't flirt with others

Another tempting thing to do especially when you have attractive employees or employers. However, this is your workplace and you need to keep it professional. You should also keep in mind that you can be charged with sexual harassment if the other party is not taking kindly to it. 

Stop answering your phone at work

It's understandable that at times, it could be an emergency situation in your personal life. However, if your employer always finds you on the phone or you start picking up during important meetings and discussions, he is not going to take this matter lightly. 

Don't surf the internet at work

If you're miserable at work and you're job hunting, don't do this. Save your job hunt for after hours. Or in some cases, you might find yourself completing your tasks sooner, leaving you with extra time, so you surf the internet to pass your time. Either way, don't do this! With your spare time, find something else to do or ask your employer or manager for more tasks. This will also give them the impression that you're showing an interest in work.

Avoid drinking during the week

So, you might be thinking that's fine after hours. However, when you are attending work with a massive hangover too often, this will inevitably become an issue. Your employer will also lose interest in keeping you. 


Keeping a job is no easy task but you can do it. Make an effort and attempt to better yourself at work and you'll see things will get better. If you need a little help with this, you can read through Expert articles about careers and even follow this topic to stay updated on tips and advice. If needed, you can also book a session with an Online Career Coach to help keep you on track.

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