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From fitting the mold, to tailoring the mold to fit YOU

Everyone is a unique individual. Build your personality and stand-out from the mainstream.

Cindy Makita

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In the age of the mainstream- personalizing services, processes, activities, and more to fit your needs can lead to peace of mind, alignment, and more growth.

I was an athlete in High School and moving to the United States for college meant I was focused on my academics and nothing else. I would regularly go to the gym as a form of self-care, and my love for fitness and helping people lead me to get my personal training certification. I thoroughly enjoyed working with students and faculty to achieve their fitness goals, and what I found was that people would often come to me with the goal to "get fit," "lose x pounds," or "tone up" after having tried to do it on their own and failed.

But what I also found was that people would often first try the mainstream methods of getting fit: Crossfit, lifting heavy weight, trying workout routines that Instagram influencers had posted, fad diets and more. This left them not only giving up on their goals within the first few weeks but also feeling demotivated because of their inconsistency and not achieving their goals.

My style of personal training was to understand my client: their likes, dislikes, goals, personality, lifestyle, and eating habits; and tailor the exercise program to fit their needs. I never started with the mold (the exercise program) and imposed it on my client. That would lead them to fail. Instead, I tailored the mold to fit my client. Sure enough, they would see results in no time and until today I have former clients continuing on their healthy lifestyle journeys even without me. What caused their success was not merely the workout or fitness expertise, but the very fact that the exercise program was personalized.

We see these examples in many other scenarios as well. Very often people fail at something or get discouraged because the way other people are doing things or the "mainstream" just isn't working for them. Everyone got an internship in college and went on to get a job offer before graduation but you have graduated without an offer and are feeling discouraged. Everyone in your circle loves a 5am workout routine but you are not a morning person and you beat yourself up about it. Most successful business owners you know climbed the corporate ladder and then branched out to start their own business, and you feel the urge and passion to skip the ladder and build your own but everyone advises you not to.

Tailoring the mold to fit you centers around personalization. There is a concept, a method, a process, a service or a product, and then there is what you do with it. Your path and your process are unique and the art of personalization in all areas of your life will leave you feeling more at peace, feeling more fulfilled with your choices, and ultimately more content.

Think about ways in which you can incorporate personalization into your life in the midst of the mainstream. Success definitely leaves clues, but don't compare your process to someone else's. Use the mold, tailor it, and make it fit you.


Writer: Cindy Makita | Analyst, Millennial Career Coach, Global Citizen 

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