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4 ways to keep your drive & enthusiasm high from Monday to Friday

Tips on how to stay driven and enthusiastic all throughout the week.

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Ever got up on a Monday morning ready to take on the week, smash your goals, and excel. Your mind is in the right place and you are excited for what the week will bring. But by Wednesday your enthusiasm has dwindled, your work seems redundant and purposeless and by Friday morning you wake up excited for the day to end so you can dive into Happy Hour drinks or weekend plans. Sound familiar?

A study published by Flow on productivity revealed that Friday (not to anyone's surprise) is the least productive day of the week.

So, how does one stay driven and enthusiastic from Monday through Friday without losing momentum and decreasing in productivity? I offer the following tips:


  1. Purpose - Know The Why Behind What You Are Doing

Ever heard the phrase "Purpose Drives Performance?" This means that when any task or project you do is backed by purpose you can significantly increase your energy, productivity and mood because your mind attributed the work you are doing with something purposeful. Think about the bigger picture - why you are doing that task/project? Purpose gives value to even the smallest or mundane tasks that need to get done when you don't feel like it because they are part of a bigger, more important why.

2. Value Your Time - Every Moment You Get to Work on a Task is Precious

Whether it's a Monday or a Friday, every waking moment is precious. Just because it's almost the weekend is not an excuse to strive any less or give yourself an excuse to slack.

Consider this: If you had to take 1 day out of the work week and think it unimportant, by the end of the month you would have accumulated 4 days (equating to almost a full work week) of a lack of productivity and wasted time. Think about how far into your goals, projects, or tasks you would have been if you valued every day, hour, minute and second.

3. Create Routines & Habits- Establish Set Routines and Habits and Carry Them Out Everyday not just "some days"

We are creatures of habit. When you establish healthy routines in your life that you carry out daily, not only will you carry them out on days when you don't feel like it (and be so happy that you did) your body and mind will get accustomed to persevering despite how you are feeling. Establish a killer morning routine that sets your mind up for a successful day (think: reading, meditation, exercise, healthy breakfast) and carry them out every day of the week. Persisting with habits will help you keep your energy as high on Friday as it was on Monday.

4. See Fridays as a Start and not an end

If your Fridays are often unproductive, by 3pm you feel tired and uninterested, and you spend more time thinking about your weekend plans than putting in work, use your time to reflect on the week that has passed (what went well, what didn't, how can you improve, and what outstanding tasks still need to get done) and plan for the week ahead.

Not only will this enable you to celebrate your victories and critique your losses with action plans on how to turn them into wins, you will also end the week having put together a strong action plan for the next week - setting yourself up for success. Adding this as an "I get to do this!" every Friday will give you something to look forward to and thus keeping that energy and productivity up all the way through Friday close of business!

Let me know in the comments if these tips are applicable in your life, OR how you stay motivated from Monday to Friday.

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