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This article is illustrated by the following video : https://www.facebook.com/giovanni.navajo.96/videos/2105883746273899

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In this video (https://www.facebook.com/giovanni.navajo.96/videos/2105883746273899), I show dynamic exercises that can be performed anywhere, only using a bamboo staff.

These exercises specifically aim the strengthening of forearm muscles, while also:

- engaging a variety of other muscles (mainly in the upper body)

- developing useful archetypal skills for martial arts

- relieving stress, anxiety or any nervous tension

- increasing focus

- stimulating and harmonizing brain function

- restoring nervous homeostasis and balancing hormones for longevity

I love training forearms, especially if I accumulate nervous tension after working long hours at the computer. It is the most effective anti-stress exercise you can do, especially if you look for an immediate effect.

This is due to the strong connection existing between the hands and brain. Using your hands is like massaging your brain.

Also, for the same reason, training grip strength has been shown to improve overall body strength and muscle-mind connection.

In Chinese medicine (TCM) terms, nervous tension often translates as “Liver Qi stagnation” (Qi as energy). Liver Qi stagnation can happen for the following reasons:

- worrying too much

- refusing to be patient

- drinking alcohol or eating fried food

- working without taking enough breaks

- not resting enough

- unresolved anger and frustration

Finally Liver Qi stagnation can happen as a result of Liver Qi deficiency, i.e. when the liver starts to get weaker and develop a chronic disease. Qi deficiency and Qi stagnation often come together. Maybe I will write a more detailed article on this topic.

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