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What are you really doing when you do “nothing”?

Not just “doing nothing”. I mean also “doing nothing in particular”, “doing like every day” (on automatic pilot), “doing as

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What are you really doing when you do “nothing”?

Not just “doing nothing”. I mean also “doing nothing in particular”, “doing like every day” (on automatic pilot), “doing as always” …

It is impossible to do exactly nothing. After all, you must be dead in order to do perfectly nothing!

Imagine you are depressed, and you are doing… “nothing” or “nothing particular”. I know this does not sound very exciting… However, without realizing it, you are probably engaged in a specific training that makes you on the way to become a master of depression! Suddenly, the story does not sound so trivial, right ?

Let me explain. The body continuously communicates with the mind, via primal emotions, especially when there is physical suffering or imbalance. So, when you are doing “nothing”, your mind continues to receive a lot of emotional signals from the body. In the case of depression, there are bad emotions, associated with it, that pop up inside your head and influence your thinking. This is simply the process of how you self-identify with depression. You start making bad conclusions and create bad beliefs that nurture your depression even more.

See? A lot of things can happen when you are doing “nothing”. In the example of depression, you would become the greatest depressed man on earth! But is that really what you want?

At every moment, even when you are resting, there is always a choice to make: “training” for the best or “training” for the worst, acting or reacting.

Be careful, you cannot escape from this!

The point is that you are constantly doing something, and by doing something, it is like if you were training for that thing.

Even when you sleep!

For example, if you see someone sleeping all day, you can exclaim with great admiration: “Wow! He is training so intensively for his passion! For sure, that man will become a great master of sleeping!”.

But “sleeping” or “resting” are very limiting words. Never stop wondering where the action starts. Sleeping or resting is not just one thing. What does it mean to sleep or to rest? Are there different kinds of sleeping/resting? What would be my mastery exactly, in the reign of sleeping/resting?

What you do in “nothingness” is the key…

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