The Importance of Now

Too many focus on the future or the past and struggle to be in the present. The present is where the key to success lies.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the now. You may have seen publications online or in print where people talk about being present and the importance of it, but do you know exactly why?

It is more than just being present in the now, it is about being fully emersed in what you are doing in the now. When you are fully emersed in doing something your focus becomes the task that you are involved in. Your whole attention is given to the task, which leaves no room in the brain for other things to float in. 

This is what being fully emerged in the now really means.

That task does not have to be practical. The task could be Meditation, reading, listening to music, walking, relaxing and listening to the sounds around you. Being fully present in these things allows your brain to release pressure and go into a zone state where you are not thinking of negative things from the past or fears about the future because in the present the future and the past do not exist. 

The present is all you have and when you realise this and practice this thought pattern on a regular basis, you start to eliminate negative thought patterns based on the past or future and gain a stronger more positive mindset that is not filled with negativity.

Fear stems from emotions created in the past and from thoughts about the future, so try focusing on the present and choose a task that not only requires full concentration, but also makes you feel good too. This will keep the enjoyment factor alive and keep you coming back to the now more often...which will only benefit you right?


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