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I'm a growing Heyoka developing my abilities over the years. It's a title to a person developing extreme empathic abilities. I'm very approachable, kind, deep listener, open, problem solver, and loving! I accept everyone for who they are especially where you are positioned in life! I will guide you and nurture you to get to the next level and walk with you in your life one step at a time.

Professional background

Used to be a boy scout before I graduated from high school. Have plenty of experience in communication jobs.

How I work

First, I want to get to know more about you and I will document every key point that you provide me. Then we will go over what is troubling you during when we started and through the week to help you not just for the time you want to venture with me but every week! Holistically and the days that we talk about for instance every appointment you make we talk about the gap between the sessions. Every day has a dilemma andI will journey with you through it together!



The Journey From Earth To The Heavens

Life has many pitfalls but the key is to have a person that can guide the journey to avoid the great troubles in life.

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