Knowing and showing others are congruent yet not complete. Both aspects must work together to make the desired outcome. We all want good features to be displayed in our growing lives. Even in the eyes of other men and women we consult and who we want in our lives. My legacy in my life has changed others who want to venture with me and/or just want to have peace in life conversations or not. Everyone needs a catalyst in their lives to change the chemistry in how they perceive life to the ultimatum with who is in close proximity to them, us, and even to the guarded heart. I'm a witness to harsh lives and know the remedy to situations in life when you are alone and how to communicate your feeling to others that you've never done before. Let me join you in your path and I will remain loyal and guide you with any dilemmas you have. My email is [email protected] send me an email and we will set up success for your life together!