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Life Coach

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I love helping people to feel their best. I conducted hundreds of one - to - one client sessions and group sessions- workshops in Europe and clients from all over the world. I believe that we all have the potential to achieve anything we decide to be and I am excited to make even more positive changes within myself and others every day. I use NLP timeline therapy with coaching- to eliminate emotions that disempower you. These emotions are normally, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, hurt...

Professional background

My RSCI certifications are approved by federation of NLPC professionals and COMENSA- coach trainer provider.

How I work

With NLP coaching -Neuro Linguistic Programming by de-stabilising those unwanted ‘programmes’ in your brain, the ones which are causing problems for you. So anything that the brain has learnt, that is no longer useful, can be ‘un-learnt’. We build new, positive patterns in the brain, which bring about positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It literally works by ‘re-wiring’ your brain, for positive and desired change. We work with subcouncious mind which affect all area in your life.



Do you know what NLP means?

Neuro Linguistic Programming works by de-stabilising those unwanted and frustrating ‘programmes’ in your brain.

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