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Dear Reader, welcome to my page!Due to my severe hypochondria, somatization and anxiety I spent the last decade on the path of self-inquiry and self-healing.I discovered two approaches that significantly improved my wellbeing: Mindfulness and Law of Attraction. I dedicated years to the study and practice of these methods and got my life-coach certificate based on them.It is my mission to help others with these tools to realize the best version of themselves and improve the quality of their lives

Professional background

Classical Voice Education, Life Coach in Mindfulness and Law of Attraction

How I work

I create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings, eventually addressing your doubts and dilemmas and the challenges you are facing in your current life-situation. I support you to the best of my abilities to have your realizations and come up with your own solutions. I can introduce you to specific Mindfulness and Law of Attraction exercises, and we can practice together during the sessions. I can also give you homework, so that you experiment and explore the tools on your own



Finding your own voice

Uncover the uniqueness of your voice, and share it. You can be of service to others instead of pleasing them.

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Vital questions

first we have to find the defining questions, and - without rushing into answers - let them echo in the silence of our being

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