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Vital questions

first we have to find the defining questions, and - without rushing into answers - let them echo in the silence of our being

Beatrix Milan

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Listen to the internal commentary that narrates your experience throughout your day. 

Who is talking? 

You always know the next step and the next step is enough 

Let the next step be enough 

Let this very step that you are taking right now be enough 

Who is rushing you? Who is dissatisfied with you? 

Who is saying that you cannot find contentment in the here and now, because salvation is in the future, and you have to make an effort and figure things out to get there, to get your reward, to be worthy of a reward? 

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Beatrix Milan

Life Coach

55 $ / session

  • 2 Publications
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Who is saying, you are not enough as you are, right now? 

Is it your own voice or can it be the voice of your environment that you habitually and subconsciously internalized? Is it your parents talking, your teachers, your partner, your peers? Is it you or your social conditioning and the assumed judgement of the others upon you?

What is more important to you: how you feel, your state of being at any given moment; or how you are perceived, evaluated and judged by others? 

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