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I'm Eljeana Lee, I am a Trauma Coach and Life Empaths I to am also, Empath and I can relate to the challenges that Empaths, those that are intuitive encounter on their Journey. I have 37years working as a Social Worker. I begin my calling early at the age of 13 years old..I pleaded with my mom to sign my permit! I've always had a love and desire to help people. I have been gifted to work with, families, Individuals, Women, Men, children. I am here to guide one step at a time. Here to coach!

Professional background

Certified Life Coach, Counselor, Social Worker,36 years. Spiritual Advisor

How I work

I have had a myriad of experience working in the helping field. I have worked with various ages from infants with developmental concerns to Senior's up to 100 years old. I work with my client's in a step by step process, meeting you where you are at and with your participation guiding you where you want to go. As long as we put in the work..The Journey is worth the Destination!



How are you really feeling?

Emotion, joy, anger, confusion.. Verbal talking, laughing, verbally stating needs and wants Non verbal

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Are you happy?

Are you happy? I've asked this question to myself one day. A question I was not able to answer at the time..

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Humanity Is At A Cross Roads

In 20/20 Humanity is at a crossroads towards one another between choosing to be kind or deliberately being cruel.

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