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How are you really feeling?

Emotion, joy, anger, confusion.. Verbal talking, laughing, verbally stating needs and wants Non verbal

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Emotions, are normal ways that adults, children and even animals are sometimes  able to express themselves through their emotions, by looking  happy, sad,a  verbal communication, we often as humans communicate. with emotion, body language,  and non verbal and verbal communication. According to Collins English Dictionary: Emotion is a part of a person's character that consists of their feelings as opposed to their thoughts.

                      Body Language:

Whether, it's a head nod, a shoulder shrug  or a look of joy, anger or hope- lessness or even confusion in someone's eyes. (non verbal) We as humans communicate daily in some form.


Non- verbal communication, example: A child, leaning their head on their mom or dads shoulder without saying a  word and gently nodding off  to sleep. This may be a indicator to the parents, through previous  experience of this non- verbal  behavior, with the child nodding off, the is sleepy. 

Verbal communication would be  for the child to state that  he or she s is sleepy, with or without body language.

So, how are you feeling? Is a question posed by many and  answered truly by few. This is  why it is crucial to be in touch with your feelings, whether they are good, bad or in-between, you own them, by your thought process, mood, character, emotions, perspective and actions as well as upbringing or lack of upbringing!  And that's when you really have to do your  homework in healing, because you missed some life skills. 

Talking with my client's, family, friends and other people, I make sure to tell them that no one can tell you how you feel. People can sympathize with you and even give advice. However, you feel what you feel..and it doesn't mean that what you are feeling and the emotions that come with what you are feeling are final.

Checking In On how you feel:

1). Check yourself 1st. Is it me..and how  can I change this feeling?

ex: exercise, sing, yell in a pillow, brief, bake, read,  write down your vision, talk it out! 

2). Let it pass.. That's right! is what your going through really that important that it consumes your day.. The time you can never get back?

3). Sleep on it. Get your rest, get focused and get back in the game.

4). Go down victory lane..A time where you overcame that which you thought was going to defeat you. I don't It know could of been a bully in third grade..and you told them to leave you alone.. and they did! That's victory!

5).Be a light to someone else.

  Yes! Shine your light.. It's in there  somewhere..The World needs it!

6). Be The Difference

7). Don't Stop.. Focus.. You Made It This Far!

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