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Good day, my name is Karl and I'm 32. I have now been a life coach for 3 years and became a life coach after suffering with depression, i felt the pain and darkness of mental health and decided I want to help others deal with their mental health. I also help with other aspects of life coaching and have successfully helped over 200+ people since becoming a life coach. My Background I served 4 years in the British army and then went into sales, since then im a full time life coach.

Professional background

Life coach and personal trainer

How I work

I have many methods I use as no one client is the same, im based in Leeds but 85% of my clients I help mobile via Internet or over the phone. I'm always available to my clients, The ideal coach will not tell you what to do but rather give you the tools to see your own path and how to change or improve. I offer support and advice and objectives.




Depression and how it feels and what can we do to help ourselves and others.

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First steps to take when dealing with mental health

Mental health support

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Mental Health

Mental health support and techniques.

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