Michael Toebe

Reputation coach

100 $ / session


I'm a specialist for reputation and crisis communications and relations. I help you with protective and corrective measures, improved communications and more wise, helpful problem solving for your personal reputation or business reputation or both. Serving individuals and organizations.

Professional background

Reach out, detail your situation and share in what capacity you would like my help. I serve as a consultant, ongoing advisor, coach and communications leader. Here to be trustworthy, competent, helpful and successful for you.

How I work

Reputation - Advisor, Consultant, Coach, Communications


  • Reputation Communications 500 $
  • Reputation Consulting, Advising or Coaching100 $


Article cover
How Your Reputation Makes Business and Life Easier or More Difficult

We all would like a quality, strong reputation yet not all of us know how to create that strength of reputation or how to pr

Michael Toebe  | 28 October, 2019

Article cover
Your Reputation Could Win in Court Yet Still Lose Outside of It

Does a legal "win" automatically protect, restore or rebuild your reputation after it's been attacked? Surprisingly, no.

Michael Toebe  | 28 October, 2019

Article cover
My Reputation is Fine, Really, or Is It

Reputation difficulty or crisis is not easy to admit to ourselves yet comfortable denial is not always safe.

Michael Toebe  | 6 December, 2019

Article cover
The Quality of Your Apology is Your Reputation

Apology is either done right or done poorly. It matters not only for others feelings but the quality of your reputation.

Michael Toebe  | 6 December, 2019

Article cover
How Will You Successfully Solve Your Reputation Crisis

In reputation crisis, people can get stuck in analysis paralysis or fight or flight. That rarely proves helpful.

Michael Toebe  | 14 November, 2019

Article cover
Making Consistent Critical Comments Affects Your Reputation

If your natural behavior is to be critical, consider the reputation risks that come along with it.

Michael Toebe  | 6 December, 2019

Article cover
Your Reputation Crisis Outcomes Are Determined by Your Learning Skills

How fast and how well you learn will determine how much and if you recover from reputation crisis.

Michael Toebe  | 20 December, 2019

Article cover
Your Insecurities Can Become Your Entire Reputation

Our insecurities, if they come out in an negative manner in the eyes of other people, negatively affect our reputation.

Michael Toebe  | 26 January, 2020